If we share our knowledge in the reality of business the lows will be manageable and the highs more frequent.

The purpose of our blog goes far beyond the desire to share our experiences but to add to the wealth of practical information to those that we may never meet. We all read, talk and share the highs and lows of running a business but often they are glamourised to appeal to our egos and appease the ego of those sharing.

We run the spectrum of subject matters from our founders opinion, the latest changes that we see happening on Facebook Advertising or the most recent customer service experience we had in retail and digest what it means to our relationships with brands. The central theme will always be about finding the gaps in business and life, which should bring us a step closer to being fully active in our own success.

Brand Manager In A Small Business Branding A BusinessStarting A Business
July 17, 2017

Small Business: Become Your Own Brand Manager

Branding is a term used more frequently than ever before. The reason, as consumers we are becoming more attached the decisions we make about the things we buy, the people...
5 Weeks In The Wilderness Personal Growth
April 3, 2017

5 Weeks In The Wilderness

Today is the first day back in the office after 5 weeks living an alternate life. Not to be dramatic but I really feel like I stepped out of my...
5 Ways Being A Better Listener Helps Your Business Communication
February 27, 2017

5 Ways Being A Better Listener Helps Your Business

On a recent visit to a client of ours I got talking to the CEO about the importance of listening. He said customer service/business relationships come down to 2 things:...
Instagram for business Instagram
February 17, 2017

Is Instagram Right for your Business?

In April of 2012 Mark Zuckerberg CEO and Founder of Facebook purchased Instagram for a whopping $1 billion: $300 million in cash and $700 million in Facebook stock. At the...
Hard Work Still the Key to Business Success Grow Your Business
February 17, 2017

Hard Work Still the Key to Business Success

Business is hard work, there’s no two ways around it. We all wish to be successful but only a handful are willing to put in the hustle day in and...
Working with Waking Giants Auckland Grow Your Business
January 25, 2017

The Diversity of a Days Work with Waking Giants

Juggling several balls in the air while uni-cycling through rings of fire is no small feat! This is no circus, however. I’m referring to what it’s like to work within...
social-media-and-mobile-marketing-taking-over-the-game Grow Your Business
January 20, 2017

Social Media and Mobile Marketing Taking Over the Game

Who remembers the time when we would get most of our information and news from the radio? Me neither. The TV quickly took over radio as the major platform for...
January 13, 2017

Social Media vs. AdWords – Time to Embrace Change

No matter which two ways you look at it Social Media is officially kicking butt! 2016 saw the formidable rise of Instagram and Snapchat, along with the usual suspects Facebook,...
dont-just-start-a-business-by-waking-giants Small BusinessStarting A Business
January 12, 2017

Do What You Love in 2017 – Don’t Just Start a Business

The days after New Years are fairly predictable. The smorgasbord of self-help and ‘start a business in 2017’ articles come at us from every media channel under the sun. But...
learning how to growth hack by waking giants Small BusinessStarting A Business
December 16, 2016

If I build it will they come? Learning How to Growth Hack

The Honest Guide to Starting a Business - Article #4 Growth Hacking has become one of the hottest buzzwords in business over the last couple of years. The premise is...
grow your business by waking giants Grow Your Business
December 13, 2016

8 Lessons To Grow Your Business In 2017

Don't wait until 1st Jan to decide how you are going to grow your business in 2017. It's that time of year where we all crave a break with friends...
mall-business-budgets-by-waking-giants Small Business
December 2, 2016

How Important is Money? Getting the Most out of your Small Business Budget

The Honest Guide to Starting a Business - Article #3 In today’s world people are starting businesses at every stage of life. Whether they’re university dropouts, parents or retirement entrepreneurs....
validating-your-business-idea-by-waking-giants Starting A Business
December 2, 2016

Is Belief Enough? The Importance of Validating your Business Idea

The Honest Guide to Starting a Business - Article #1 One of the toughest things to get right when starting a business is receiving honest feedback and analysis on validating...
branding-for-businesses-by-waking-giants Branding A Business
December 2, 2016

Does Brand Matter? Branding your Business from Day 1

The Honest Guide to Starting a Business - Article #2 Once you are confident in your business idea, it’s important to start branding your business from day 1 to fuel...
natural disaster in new zealand by waking giants People
November 14, 2016

Do we need a natural disaster to bring us together?

I do not know of anybody in New Zealand who woke up this morning and did not feel concerned and distressed at the news of yet another significant earthquake causing...
rebranding auckland new york example by waking giants Rebranding
October 31, 2016

Rebranding Auckland… again!

Rebranding Auckland is the story that keeps on giving. And while there is a case for change when it comes to public money surely there is a more appropriate course...
the power of momentum when-starting-a business by waking giants Starting A Business
October 27, 2016

The Power of Momentum when Starting a Business

The laws of thermodynamics suggest that we are either on a path moving forward or one moving backwards (Stick with me this does relate to starting a business!). Rarely, in...
change your future in the next-60-seconds by waking giants Personal Growth
October 25, 2016

Change your future in the next 60 seconds

If you believe that someone else is responsible for your actions and the way you lead your life it’s probably best to stop reading now. Until we all understand that...
persistence just do the work Personal Growth
October 19, 2016

Persistence – Just Do The Work

You can make a vision board of motivational quotes, buy all the self-help books you can fit beside your bed, and go and see a gaggle of personal development speakers...
permission to succeed by waking giants Personal Growth
October 12, 2016

Do We Need Our Own Permission To Succeed?

On the 15th September I gave myself permission to succeed and I didn't even realise. After a 12 month training plan with leading New Zealand triathlon coach, Sam Warriner, I...
How to avoid Complacency in Business EntrepreneurGrow Your BusinessMotivation
October 7, 2016

How to Avoid Complacency in Business

Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, is arguably the greatest investor of all time. The Oracle from Omaha knows a thing or two about what makes companies succeed. His partner,...
authentic communication Communication
October 5, 2016

Authentic Communication – What to say, what to say?

A reporter once asked Gandhi’s wife how it was possible for her husband to give such long public speeches without any notes or references. Her response was that it was...
10 tips for business evolution by waking giants Grow Your Business
October 3, 2016

Top 10 Tips for Business Evolution

Business Evolution: You can't turn up each day and expect everything to simply happen the way you want it to. Below are some key tips for making 'it' happen. 1....
findthe_gaps-raymond-laursen FindThe_Gaps Podcasts
September 28, 2016

Staying Innovative with Raymond Laursen of Conroy Removals

Innovation and Technology Manager at Conroy Removals, Raymond Laursen, speaks with Waking Giants Founder, Grant Difford, about the importance of staying innovative, embracing change, and fighting industry complacency. Full Podcast...
dont be afraid to ask for help by waking giants Motivation
September 28, 2016

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

If only we allowed ourselves to ask for help and engage the abundance of business support that we know we need. A good friend of mine has identified a gap...
are you labelled a small business by waking giants Small Business
September 28, 2016

Small Business – Is That The Right Label for you?

Language is such a powerful part of our lives. Do we ever stop and consider how conventions we wouldn't even question can define us to others and ourselves? It's a...
Rawhiti Estate Press Advert Brand Identity
September 12, 2016

Rawhiti Estate Branding

Giving a fresh voice to the retirement sector. As BeGroup launches its second retirement village in New Zealand we found ourselves embracing the richness that retirement can bring if only...
How To Choose The Right Brand Name by Waking Giants Brand NamesRebranding
September 4, 2016

How to Choose the Right Brand Name

Do some research Research is crucial when naming your business. Remember the brand name tells the whole story of the business distilled into one or two words. In 1995, Adidas...
The Client Journey by Waking Giants Customer
August 29, 2016

The Client Journey – Conroy Removals

Don’t talk about the trucks. Ever. When you get the chance to work with a family owned, New Zealand company that has been around for 45 plus years you know there...
Catching the right wave in business by Waking Giants Motivation
August 29, 2016

Catching the Right Wave in Business

On our recent move to the sunny North Shore we have been reacquainted with the beauty and wisdom of the sea (Milford Beach is a leisurely 2-minute stroll from our...
11 Example of Content Creation by Waking Giants Content Creation
August 29, 2016

11 Examples Of Content Creation

It's all we hear when it comes to creating our online presence. Content. Content. Content. But as we witness on a daily basis, most people are not writers and don't...
Rebranding Branding A Business
August 29, 2016

Branding in 2016

Customers don’t buy your product or service; they buy into your ideas. When we think of branding in 2016, we need to think beyond logo’s, indeed, beyond brands, we need...
Compelling Content Marketing by Waking Giants Content Creation
August 29, 2016

Compelling Content Marketing

Business to business or business to customer – creating compelling content is a fantastic way to boost your brand and build a closer, more intimate relationship with your target audience....
Grow Your Business by Waking Giants Grow Your Business
August 29, 2016

Grow your Business

Every company under the sun wants to grow and take their business to that next level. Often growth can creep up on us too quickly and we rush decisions without...
Business Growth Strategy Rebranding
August 29, 2016

Will Rebranding Grow Your Company?

In short no. Well, there is no guarantee. Long gone are the days (if they ever existed) that changing your logo would enhance the overall value and growth of your...
Supporting Business Growth by Waking Giants Grow Your Business
August 29, 2016

Supporting Business Growth

Living the Founder or Executive life can be exhilarating until we confront a road block that has us scratching our heads around where the next move will come from. From...
Inbound Marketing To Rebrand by Waking Giants Inbound MarketingRebranding
August 29, 2016

Can Inbound Marketing Help Rebrand Your Business?

If you are looking to rebrand your business, you’re probably looking for new ways to launch your new message and grow your customer base. Whether you’re introducing an entirely new...
What Is Inbound Marketing by Waking Giants Inbound Marketing
August 29, 2016

What Is Inbound Marketing?

So you are here to ask what is inbound marketing? While a bit of an art to really maximise here is an introduction. Inbound marketing provides the tools to attract,...
Content marketing vs inbound-marketing by Waking Giants Content MarketingInbound Marketing
August 26, 2016

Content Marketing Vs Inbound Marketing

Whether or not you are acquainted with the various terms that marketers use for their techniques, one thing is certain: If you own a business, you need to have a presence...
If Business was a Sport by Waking Giants Business
August 26, 2016

If Business was a Sport

Ask any business owner what they would compare entrepreneurship to and you will stimulate many competing answers, but for me a clear winner is triathlon. As you can imagine with...
Growth is a choice in life and in business by Waking Giants Grow Your Business
August 26, 2016

Growth is a Choice in Life and in Business

Time moves on. Language changes. Culture evolves. Technology disrupts. And new industries emerge as others become obsolete - growth is a choice. It’s both an exciting and volatile time to...
What Is Design Thinking by Waking Giants Design Thinking
August 26, 2016

What Is Design Thinking?

Design in its most essential form describes a process rather than an end result. Design Thinking is a creative process used to solve problems and discover new opportunities that lead to...
Personal Growth Personal Growth
August 26, 2016

How Language can Make or Break your Business

All business owners founded their company around a central idea and purpose. Clearly they had a vision for what they would do, but they also knew deep down why they...
4 Steps To Develop A Rebranding Strategy by Waking Giants Rebranding
August 25, 2016

4 Steps To Develop A Rebranding Strategy

There comes a time when a business realises their identity isn’t where they hoped it would be. Whether they’re not reaching the target audience they want or they’ve run into...
Building Personas to Attract-your-Ideal-Customer by Waking Giants Building Personas
August 25, 2016

Building Personas to Attract your Ideal Customer

In today’s age of social media, Google search and disruptive technology, the relationship between businesses and their customers (personas) are changing dramatically. Customers now expect to be a part of...
Content Marketing Can Grow Your Business By Waking Giants Content Marketing
August 25, 2016

How Content Marketing can Grow your Business

There are countless buzzwords in today’s marketing industry and none more popular than content marketing. For those new to the term, content is more than just a blog or a...
Considering Rebranding Your Business By Waking Giants Rebranding
August 25, 2016

Considering Rebranding Your Business?

It's not often that a branding company will advise you not to spend your money on rebranding. But here at Waking Giants, we keep your best business interests at heart,...
Grow Your Business Rebranding
August 25, 2016

6 Steps To Rebrand A Company

Rebranding can be a risky business. We all know of companies that have made a change to the shock of their once raving fans. Recent examples include Instagram and Uber....
Creating A New Brand Growth Hacking
August 25, 2016

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a relatively new term for a type of marketing that has been around for decades. The ubiquity of startups and entrepreneurial actors in the modern economy, it...
5 Tips To Start Your Inbound-Marketing by Waking Giants Inbound Marketing
August 25, 2016

5 Tips to Start your Inbound Marketing

The intruding nature of old school marketing methods is coming to an end. Over time customers have built a litany of defence systems to stop this incoming traffic. Spam folders, caller...